Het Zwarte Handboek

By Jack Frisian | January, 2021 | Language: Dutch

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JF Het Zwarte Handboek

About the book

The eccentric professor Von Falkensteyn is in the Franeker theater De Koornbeurs to attend an opera, when he is disturbed by his housekeeper Tryntsje. She brings him his mobile phone because it has been ringing continuously all evening. It turns out that the president of Haiti needs the archives expert Von Falkensteyn. The head of state wants to modernize the poor and corrupt Caribbean country, but the witch movement Mouvement Occultaire is opposed. President Bertrand wants to know why. There is a key document in which the answer can be found, but Von Falckensteyn must find that first. The attractive American witch Austin Flowers helps the archives expert in his search for the black manual. Will they find the document in time to prevent yet another disaster in Haiti?

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