JF Bulgaars Labyrinth

Bulgaars Labyrinth – Dutch (2017)

At the end of August 2018, the eccentric and flamboyant professor Von Falckensteyn is busy with one of his erudite lectures at the Eise Eisinga University in Franeker when he is disturbed by a Bulgarian stranger. He must hurry to Bulgaria, because his expertise is required. 

JF Het Zwarte Handboek

Het Zwarte Handboek – Dutch (2021)

The eccentric professor Von Falkensteyn is in the Franeker theater De Koornbeurs to attend an opera, when he is disturbed by his housekeeper Tryntsje. She brings him his mobile phone because it has been ringing continuously all evening. It turns out that the president of Haiti needs the archives expert Von Falkensteyn.